Space Engineers takes us where no man has gone before.

Recently, lot of games have been using the “Sandbox Construction” theme that was made popular by Minecraft. Some seem like cheap knockoffs with mild changes, while others simply use the basic concept, but are original, creative and equally addictive games. Space Engineers is certainly the latter, as I’ve had the pleasure of finding out these last few days.

SE_Eagle_001When first starting the game it’s extremely easy to feel overwhelmed. There are so many options for construction, so many materials needed for construction and, of course, the challenge of being the middle of space with only a few tools. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing when I first started playing, but luckily the game had tutorial videos that were very informative and not terribly long. What became one of my favorite features from the start was the accurate gravity; in higher gravity environments, like on your ship you fall, while out in space you keep going until you either hit something or apply your handy jetpack in another direction.

The game’s other definite strongpoint is the huge amount of customization you can put into your ships or space stations, as you’ll JOSGKPk - Imgurfind yourself spending hours at a time making the ship of your dreams and mining asteroids to find the materials to do so. And you don’t just make the outside of the ship for instance, what killed most of my time was trying to get the inside of my ships to look just like the Star Destroyers from Star Wars (I failed, if you were wondering, but I’m sure it’s been done already). And the multiplayer is nothing short of gratifying, as you either cooperate as a team or fight as enemies; the sky’s the limit for you!

As far as complaints go I didn’t have many, surprisingly. My first complaint was that, though it makes sense (we are in space, after all), it was way too quiet when you’re out there building your ship or drilling through asteroids. Speaking of the asteroids, everything seemed to be far apart, and getting to them was painstakingly slow. However, my good friend on Steam, who plays the game often, tells me this can be fixed.

As with most games of the genre, Space Engineers is getting constant updates to improve and I eagerly look forward to playing future versions and enjoying myself further. If you want to check it out, you can buy it on Steam for $19.99. I highly recommend it.