Does Nintendo’s E3 Preview Video hide a secret hint towards a new Punch-Out?

CE0FvtvWYAAXGS8So everybody saw Reggie’s pink jumpsuit and speculated that there would be a new Punch-Out based on that, but NeoGaf user Huelen10 found another possible hint. It all started with a comment:

Guys… would you call me insane if I told you that the music played backwards is the match won theme in Punch out Wii slowed down in reverse? Trying to confirm right now…

It sounds like a stretch, but then Huelen posted a sound clip, and it feels like way too much of a coincidence to just be nothing. Listen to the sound clip below. The edited bit is first, followed by the theme from Punch-Out.

What do you think? Weird coincidence, or hidden hint? Let us know in the comments! Thanks Huelen10 for letting us share this!