Fluddy kinda likes 2015: Star Wars: Battlefront (PS4)


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Boy, that tail end of 2015 was loaded with Star Wars huh?

You couldn’t escape it, even in the videogame space. So of course I got caught up in DICE’s Battlefront when they had a public beta going on. Man. Man. 

This game is pretty as fuck.

DICE’s output on the graphic fidelity on this game is absurd and almost wizard like when combined with the already stunning sound work DICE is known for. You definitely feel immersed in this universe when you play, and I adore that. The shooting with the laser weapons also feels nice and although some may find this a negative – I appreciate the bit of simplicity in the game’s systems, as it makes this game super easy to just pick up and play without worrying too much about setting up large loadouts and such.

When I ended up coming to own the game after the beta, the game was easily one of my favorite games to just play for an hour or 2. That’s what I recommend, by the way. Unlike other shooters like Titanfall or current Splatoon, Star Wars dips pretty hard in variety. It really only has 4/5 maps and while it has a good number of modes, it can’t save the fact that you’ll be playing on the same 4 areas over and over again.

This also limits the incredibly sparse single player and co-op modes, and if the first example of a dlc map proves to be a trend – even added maps won’t be added to those specific modes. Speaking of single player, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to talk about the lack of well…anything.

I mentioned that the shooting sounds and feels proper, that feels even better when you handle a hero character. You’re a goddamn powerhouse and can mow down pretty much everyone with ease. Flying around shooting rockets with Boba or firing an insane amount of high powered laser pistol blasts as Han Solo makes you feel like a clear leader.

You feel the same with the Jedi characters as well, but immersion goes down the toilet as soon as you clash with another saber wielder. Each of those trailers just straight up lied, there’s no stalemates or nice looking blocks. You’re..just whacking each other. And it almost ALWAYS leads to whoever hit first to win, because the amount of stunlock you get from a hit is large. You basically have little chance to fight back. It also just looks incredibly ugly – it’s just no fun. That’s a thing you would think that would be fun right? Saber vs Saber? Nah. Not here, sadly.

I love playing this game, I love it a whole lot. It feels good, it looks good, it sounds good. But while I love these aspects, as a fully priced retail game I absolutely can’t recommend it for a purchase. If you find this for like, $20 or less then maybe give it a shot.

I sorta liked Star Wars: Battlefront (PS4) in 2015.