Fluddy likes 2015: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


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Soo…this counts. Because episodes of Part 3 premiered this year. Shut up.

Anime and me had a bit of a resurgence in 2015. I sorta took a break of watching the stuff until early this year, when I got a friend’s Crunchyroll pass and peeked at things I missed. It was quite a bit! With Toonami also kicking into high gear on Adult Swim, this medium of animation got right back into my life.

But right, onto the real subject of this post – I’m super happy I gave Jojo a deeper shot than I’ve given it before. Everything I know about Jojo prior to me actually watching the show was via Jump Ultimate Stars on the DS and internet osmosis. Y’know. Poses and stuff! Steamrollers! That sort of thing.

I’ve peeked at the actual manga a little bit while in bookstores (Classy covers, by the way.) but I’ve never really delved much deeper than those peeks. It wasn’t until some cool nerd going by@sdfrii (warning: draws nice, lewd butts) who egged me on into watching this show. It was then that I realized that I probably wouldn’t have stopped watched anime if I just let this into my life earlier.

In a time where most of my anime pals were watching stuff that really just didn’t interest me, filled with things pretty much aping every popular trope tenfold, Jojo was an incredibly fresh breath of air. (Nothing wrong with tropes – after all that’s how they become tropes in the first place..but overdosing is bad yeah?) Writing this now, I’m only a few number of episodes into part 3 of Jojo. Which means most of my love for the series right now comes from part 2, Battle Tendency. Not only does this series ooze it’s own concentrated style that no other show could ever try to compare to, it’s pacing is a ride that very much keeps me hooked! Joseph and the rest of the cast run themselves in a completely likable matter and keep the vibe solid with it’s bouts and narrator (!!) incredibly well.

Plus, Bloody Stream is fucking great.

I’m definitely going to keep watching the Joestar family well into 2016.

Next you’ll say, “All of the above makes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure one of the things I liked in 2015″

All of the above makes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure one of the things I – !!!!!