Fluddy likes 2015: Transformers Devastation


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Growing up, I didn’t really watch Transformers all that much. Mostly because the series was on it’s way out pretty much by the time I had a TV to watch things with. That didn’t really stop me from thinking the designs and toys were cool back then, because I remember asking for toys I saw in stores. (Which I received…bootleg super breakable versions of that cut into my thumbs. Fun!)

Then more modern-ish shows based on the series starting coming out and by then all I really cared about was Toonami’s other shows. Aside from making fun of the Bay movies like everyone else, this is my history with Transformers. It ain’t much, I know. But you know something I do have a greater history with? Platinum Games.

From the Clover days and beyond, PG’s titles resonated with me incredibly well. I’ve become an instant fan, pretty much. So I’m pretty much interested in any project that gets announced with them even partially involved. That beings us to the titular game in this thing I’m writing, Transformers: Devastation.

People may have been a little skeptical of this title considering the last Activision/Platinum project, The Legend of Korra. While Korra didn’t have the high level of Platinum Games polish you’d see in games like Metal Gear Revengence and Bayonetta, I think the basics and combat in it are solid. I thought it was okay for the scope, size and time given to them for development. I’m sure lots of people wondered, what could have been done with a bit more time and a slightly bigger budget.

Well..I can’t really say I know the details of how Devastation was conceived and produced, but it’s most definitely a bigger project than Korra ever was. It was a retail release! It had (albeit small) proper promotion! Instead of relying on the current CG animated series, it’s rolled back to G1 & IDW Comic inspired designs – so retro fans are on board. It had more support than Korra for sure. For me though, all I needed to hear was that Platinum Games was working on it and my interest was had.

Picking up the game on launch, I immediately dug into the game and was met with music and sights that’d probably please tons of original G1 fans. Heck, the game is so loaded with the love for that stuff that it even infected someone like me who doesn’t even have that much nostalgia for these robots. (Ever since playing it, I’ve been wanting a dope looking Shockwave figure..)

Rocking a level or 2 in the game, there’s something that this game does with simple ease – give you the satisfaction of being a totally awesome player without taking things too much out of your hands. Devastation doesn’t have as much options as say, Bayonetta 2 when it comes to customizing your combat – but it sure rivals the level of satisfaction you get when pulling off combos. The game keeps a nice balance between keeping it simple enough for combat strings to come to mind as easy as the execution for them is, while also making sure you aren’t getting your hand held: giving you the feeling that you indeed just destroyed 5 bots with a single chain of swift moves without the game riding you from target to target like lesser character action games make the mistake of doing.

The game gives you tools in a simple manner and it’s real easy to see the potential of all you can do – all while just looking incredible doing so. To add to this, the game’s soundtrack in pretty much every situation just makes sure you know you’re the raddest thing around. I’m angry that Activision seems to show no sign of releasing this in any easy way to listen to because I’m in love with all of these tracks.

That’s a theme for a grunt battle. A normal fight!

The game gets a bit more deeper with things like RPG-lite stats for each playable Autobot, sockets and a weapon/rarity drop system that’ll look familiar to fans of loot driven games like Diablo. That aspect is just a sweetner for the game I grew addicted to when it released. I still have to return to it too, those challenge missions are no joke. (There’s one where you have to fight ALL the autobots in one go. Not easy!)

The look, the style, the sound, the fluidity and the ability to make me a combo stringing badass – this makes Transformers Devastation one the things I like in 2015.