TitlescreenSchool Idol Festival is a mobile rhythm game available on iOS or Android devices. The game is a feature of the popular Love Live! Animated series!

Games like these rarely get localized and brought over stateside from Japan, so this was a nice treat!

In this game, you have a story mode which features the idols on your team. It is a requirement to go through this mode as well as the performance piece of the game to unlock more songs! A nice thing about the story mode is that it features the original voice cast of the animated series! As you progress along via story and performance, you also unlock more of the story mode. You also get to manage and train the characters in this mode.

For the performance piece, once you begin.. rings float towards the circles with your idols’ faces in them. Once the Screenshot_2014-01-29-19-11-23ring reaches your idol’s face, you either touch or hold the circle when it is directly over them to score points and increase your combo. The object is to score high with as many perfects as possible and to not miss too many notes. If you miss any notes, your stamina drops until you reach 0.. which means you fail the performance. At the end of each performance, it tallies up all your different scores and assigns you an overall grade to the performance. Not happy with your score? No worries! You can play again to try to best your score! Also, each song has a special type assigned to it, so if you have an idol on your team with the same qualities; you have a chance to perform much better.

Once a day, you have a chance to perform a free daily scouting. This allows you a chance to recruit new members to your idol team. It is completely random, so you can encounter duplicates or have a chance to get a really rare idol! Collecting the different idol cards to add more depth to your teams and be able to customize different team sets is part of the fun this game offers.

7255e276b6050850f066dec7c12a9be91394611988_fullYou can also earn (or even purchase) love gems which allow you to do a specialize scouting to increase the chance of getting a rare up to ultra rare idol to add to your team!

Each idol has a particular strength which adds to the strategy for approaching your performance of certain songs. This aids you in scoring higher and allowing you to progress in the game!

The different attributes the girls offer are: Cool (Blue Color), Smile (Pink), and Pure (Green). All the important aspects to an idol. So if you match these qualities to the songs, it will help you out a lot!

Some idols also offer special effects that activate when you hit a certain combo score. These can range from filling your stamina bar, adding in a boost to your score, or aiding you in getting higher marks in hitting your notes!

To help boost your idols’ levels and strengths, you can pair them up to other girls you have collected in the Practice mode. Be warned though that when you pair a girl to practice, the partner will disappear off your team once you use them! So make sure to use your characters wisely. In Special Practice mode, you can merge two like idol cards together which evolves them from their regular look to their idol style!

There are also competitive events that allow you to play against other players to show off your skills and idol team. It can lead to some fun or a chance to see how you compare to other players of the game.

Occasionally, there are also special events announced that allow you a chance of a higher odds of winning Ultra Rarearasynem idols or some types of free gifts.

Overall, the game is a fun play and has some great songs that you get to play through. I love that there are multiple difficulties to each song that you unlock when you score high enough, though I found myself struggling on expert mode on quite a few of them!

I only wish that it regenerated your points faster instead of trying to make you wait or forcing you into a micro transaction to be able to continue playing. But they need a way to earn the money for a free to play game. Also, initially when I downloaded the application.. it did take awhile and some patience to load and play smoothly at first.

So if you like anime based games, jpop music, idols, or even rhythm games.. give this game a shot! I hope that more of these games make it over here in the future.