LOVERIN TAMBURIN Youmacon 2013 Review!

On Friday, I had the pleasure of seeing a concert with my friends while at Youmacon. After waiting in IMG_0028line for an hour, I was hoping that this concert was going to be well worth the wait since set up was running a little late. To say this concert was great is an understatement. First it featured a group called Random Gibberish who were celebrating their ten year anniversary. This show was a fun lead in to the group which really caught my eye during their performance.The second group to perform was a group called Loverin Tamburin. This is a group based out of Tokyo most known for their performance of “”Aishitageru”, the opening music of the Disgaea animated series. This group features Aya their main vocalist, Nagao Akihiro on piano, Ryo Fujio on guitar, Kohta Igarashi on drums, and Takumi Fire-Matsuda on bass.IMG_1559 Aya impressed me as a lead vocalist of this group. She played up the crowd really well, including a throwback to Random Gibberish’s “Dance Break!” which helped her win over the crowd. They continued to mix in other upbeat songs and even a ballad. She also talked about where they were from, thanking the crowd for coming out, and pointed out Ryo cosplaying as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and Takumi wearing a yukata to help make the crowd feel familiar with them.They also performed a cover of “We Are” from One Piece to continue their winning over the crowd. After an awesome show, they made their way out to a table outside to meet and greet their fans! It was really awesome to get to meet each member and talk to them individually. On top of offering a free poster that they all signed on the spot, they posed for pictures. They also were recording their own videos of fans in line and during their show to show their mutual appreciation for the crowd. I also had the pleasure of picking up their CD “KI・SE・KI” after the show.I’m really glad I actually made it to the concert and found out about this group. I knew nothing about them going into the concert besides the Disgaea theme, and now I have several tracks dominating my iPod right now.  I definitely recommend checking them out! Also, if they ever end up at a con or venue near you please support this group!

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And of course, please check out our gallery of photos that I took at the concert! There are several great shots and I hope you like the pictures!