M2X – Gaming Rooms!

What is there to say about Midwest Media Expo’s Gaming Room? Well… it was awesome! Those familiar with Youmacon would be very acquainted with the area as it was in the same area and pretty similar set up! The rooms were divided amongst video games and tabletop gaming.


Let’s start off with the tabletop gaming area! Inside this pretty massive room were several game vendors with a decent selection of their wares. Featuring selections from Munchkin and Cards Against Humanity to typical tabletop supplies, anyone who is a fan of games could easily find something that might catch their eye.


There were plenty of space and many tables pushed together to promote playing in groups. There was space for free play and then they also had set times for certain gaming and demos for set meet ups. Friday you could play Tanto Cuore, Cardfight!! Vanguard, King of Tokyo, and many other favorites. Saturday had times for a Magic The Gathering Journey to the Nyx Prelease, Yugioh, Munchkin, We Didn’t Playtest This, and more! Sunday had times for Mayfair Games Demos, Looney Lab Demos, Firefly The Game, and had gaming open till 5 PM for those to enjoy! If you made the times, there were also demos of Island Dice which looks to be a very fun and interesting game!


Now for the video gaming area, it is set up somewhat similar to Youmacon’s but not as crazy. When you first walk in, you had DDR machines and Beatmania to your left. So you could hear the music and fun before you even got in the door. They had televisions set up with Gamecubes, Wiis, Dreamcast, Playstation 4.. you name it. They also had arcade machines for Taito and a nice set up for Steel Battalion! For a first year convention, this was a pretty extravagant set up that even tops many of the game rooms for some other conventions that have been doing this for awhile.


To say this was impressive and a lot to take in is an understatement. We ended up having to visit this area multiple times and even found ourselves playing some of the games. The set up was nice and the atmosphere was wonderful.