Namco founder dead at 91

Masaya Nakamura was found dead on Jan 22 at the great age of 91. For anyone not familiar with this man, let me give you a little insight. Masaya founded Nakamura Manufacturing during the economic rise in japan after WWII. He started off by making simple wooden horses for children outside of department stores and had mild success.

He later went onto renaming the company in 1970 to Namco. It was during this time he has his first big success, this success was an arcade game he named Galaxian. which he went and sold to Midway games.During the 1980’s an Namco employee had an idea for a game based on the shape of pizza, this game was Pacman which went on to sell 300k machines.

So lets all take a moment to raise our mountain dew cans to this amazing man who made this impact on the gaming community that we all take advantage of today.


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