Just what the heck is Neko Atsume? (Impressions!)

Neko Atsume is a Japanese application on iTunes and Google Play¬†put out by Hit-Point Co. that appeals to the crazy cat person in all of us. What’s that? Worried that you won’t be able to play it do to it being in Japanese? Fear not! It is a fairly simple set up and easy to tell what you can do!

In Neko Atsume, the purpose is to use gold and silver sardines you collect to buy objects to attract cats to your patio! You have basic food that you refill or you can buy amounts of premium food in hopes of attracting rarer cats. Once you put out the food and set out some toys, you can check back in a bit to see what cats visit your patio. When you click on a cat, it gives you a preset name but you can rename the kitty. You can also take a photo of the cat and pick out your best shot of the kitty to use as the thumb nail for the cat. As you find new cats, the game tracks which ones you have encountered. However, certain objects and food combinations can allow a chance for certain cats to appear.

Neko2When a cat leaves from visiting, they leave behind gold or silver sardines that can be used to purchase in game items. You can buy pillows, balls, premium food, or even expand your area to lay out items. In a rush to get sardines? The game allows for micro transactions to purchase sardines to speed up your progress if you wish.

Expanding your house to attract more cats is an option for a hefty amount of sardines. But once you do this, it gives a second food dish to supply. The basic food lasts the longest, but can take awhile for rare cats to appear. The premium food which you can purchase for sardines lasts usually three hours max. Just make sure to keep food out so you keep attracting the kitties!

This game is very basic and a time sink with no real purpose. It however is fun to check back into every now and then. Being a cat fanatic myself, it helps cheer me up seeing the in-game cats playing with the toys you leave out.