No Pro Controller/JoyCon jokes here! 5 Pros and Cons of the Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch has now been out a full weekend and I think its fair to say I’ve spent a good amount of time with it. Well, enough to make an arbitrary list of my personal Pros and Cons of the system. These could change, of course, in the future. But enough introduction. Let’s get to the list:


Portability is a dream.

There’s nothing quite like playing a game and being able to get up and take it with you. Every game I’ve played on the Switch looks absolutely fantastic on the screen, as well as feeling like an overall perfect way to play. Bringing a battery pack and going outside for a bit and just enjoying the air feels amazing. (If not cold, currently!)



Fantastic Indie line up.

There isn’t a ton to say about this. An absolutely huge amount of indie support is coming to the Switch, with most of it being exclusive or a timed exclusive. Shovel Knight, Flipping Death, SteamWorld Dig 2, Pocket Rumble, Stardew Valley, there’s always something for you.


HD Rumble

While a hard thing to explain, HD Rumble really breathes into the controls. The first time you notice it, it is a bit of a shock how amazing it gets you into the goods.



Screenshots / Meme Creator

Similar to the PS4’s Share button, the Nintendo Switch also allows you to snap a quick screenshot of the moment. The notification quickly vanishes and you can head into the gallery from the main menu. There you can add text and share via Facebook or Twitter. The editor is small, but its a ton of fun. Makes meme making easier than ever!

Couch Co-Op is back!

Possibly the best feature of the Switch is the fact that I can now take my system anywhere and instantly play with a friend for most games, no TV required. Having mobile Shovel Knight or FAST RMX co-op is amazing. I can totally see this being great in the future for making new friends. 


So those were the good. Now, let’s see the bad and the ugly.



Friend Management/Messaging

I know that we’re still early on, with the system not even being a week old yet. But Nintendo, why can’t I message my friends? Maybe I want to see if they want to play Bomberman! That and Nintendo’s odd inclusion of friend codes when the Nintendo Network ID exists is confusing and a bit backwards to be honest. Hopefully both of these issues get sorted out with the upcoming mobile app.

Controller / Joycon Issues

I’ll start this by stating: I haven’t experienced the “left joycon” issue. I am aware however that it IS an issue that some people are still having. My issue with the Switch controllers actually stems with the fact that there’s no way to charge the controllers while being used outside of going into handheld mode. ”Matt, simply use the charging grip!” you might say. I’d love to, but the only thing different from the standard Joycon grip is the fact that this one has a USB connector. No battery inside means that you’ll have to be hardwired into a power source. While it’s not a huge deal, it is disappointing.

No Virtual Console at Launch

Chalk this up with the last line of the previous con. While not a huge deal, the lack of a Virtual Console service, or even word on what exactly will be happening with the Virtual Console is a bit confusing. Will my Wii U or 3DS virtual console titles merge over? Will I have to start over, buying Super Mario World for the 6th time on Virtual Console? Just…give us some answers please.

No video streaming apps at launch.

When it was announced that there wouldn’t be any video apps at launch, I wasn’t too concerned. Literally every device I have can use them! Except..that’s the thing. Lets say I want to take a break from Hyrule and relax with a youtube video or something. I have to move, set up the PS4 or Fire Stick and then do it all there. It’s such a small inconvienece, but it for sure exists.

Dock CAN scratch the system.

I noticed this issue at the press event in New York City as well. Over time, the snug fit of the Switch dock does leave general small scratches against the bezel of the screen. You could easily protect this with a screen protector, but the fact that its an issue at all is a bit concerning.