Push coins and become a coin master in Dragon Coins!

Dragon Coins is a coin pusher game released by SEGA for mobile devices. Your quest is starts by entering in your name, as Lily (your guide) teaches you to become a coin master. As a coin master, you summon monsters to help defend towns against wild monsters and explore the wilderness beyond.

helpfulhintscreen In battle, you can command a team of up to four monsters and then get to select an ally to go into battle with. Each stage can change placements of starting material (if any) on the pusher or on the grid. Players tap the screen to drop silver coins onto the pusher to push down to reach their team. To do an attack each monster has to reach a specified amount of coins, which you see as dots above their picture.

Once you reach that amount the monster will do an attack on your opponent, which can cause more coins to appear. There are four types of things that can be encountered and collected during your battle: green coins, gold coins, silver coins, and skill cubes. The green coins can help heal your party. Gold coins are used to help fund upgrades for your team and only the amount you collect goes to you, otherwise they are lost. Silver coins are nothing special, just your basic coins you use to try to trigger attacks. When collected skill cubes are the exclamation boxes that enable monsters to use their special ability. These abilities can range from making the pusher move faster, raising walls on either side to prevent you from losing coins, enabling counter attacks, negating damage and etc. These are very useful to use and can help you in tough spots.

Each battle typical consists of five rounds, with a boss battle being the fifth round. There are regular battles for progressing through the game. There are also daily special battles, which allow you to completebonusencounter and battle Super Rare enemies and are slightly more difficult. During the battles, there are gems that can drop after the initial first round. These are additional monsters you earn if collected, with blue ones being common and red ones being rarer. If you collect all the gems a stage has to offer, you get an additional gem as a mission bonus, which is pictured before you select to join a mission.

Another thing that helps in battle is elemental type. If you take advantage of that it can tremendously help you with your battles. If you aren’t sure of an opponent’s weakness, you can tap onto an opposing monster to lock on and it’ll indicate which monsters you have are strong against it. The more consecutive hits you make, which increases your combo counter, the more damage each hit will do. If you lose enough health to be in danger you will be supplied a “Comeback Cube” once during a stage; when collected triggers a random skill of a monster to enable you to try to mount a comeback.

To further aide you in your battles, you fuse monsters you’ve collected with monsters on your team to level them up! Of course, you need to make sure you have sufficient gold coins to perform the fusion. Once you get a monster to the appropriate level, you can evolve the monster into its next form. For example, if it is a Common type monster, it’ll evolve to a Common + monster and the same formula applies for the other classes of monsters.

The game tries to encourage the social media aspects by posting on Facebook or Twitter when you get a rare summon, as well as friending people in the game. When choosing allies to go into battle with during missions, it gives you the choice of sending a friend request after the battles are over. To encourage players to do this, if you’re someone’s first friend you get a “friend bonus” on top of earning friend coins when going into battle. There is even an optional tutorial mission encouraging players to send friends a random message. These friend coins are used to summon monsters using the Friendship Chest, which costs 200 friendship coins to summon, in a chance to get higher rarity monster for your team.

friendshipchestTo help make the game money, there are several in-game items players can buy to aide them in their quests. You can buy rainbow coins, which can be used to summon monsters using the rainbow chest or to continue a battle you’ve lost or additional items in the shop, in quantities starting at 150 coins for $1.99 and have packages of coins up to $99.99. For summoning using the rainbow coins, users have two options, which are Feature Chest and Rainbow Chest. Feature Chest costs 300 a summon or 10 summons for 2,700 and boasts a 3x chance for a Super Rare summon, an exclusive Ultra Rare, and a Guaranteed Super Rare in 10 summons. The lowest rarity you’ll get with using this summoning chest is a Rare. Then there is the Rainbow Chest which costs 100 per summon or 475 for 5 summon; the selection changes, but there’s a chance for lower rarity summons. As well as using them for summons, Rainbow Coins can be used to purchase in-game items such as Stamina Boost (restores your stamina), Liquid Courage (restores your courage), Revival Medicine (revives you instantly in a battle), or more Monster Slots.

You can also gain Hero Coins, which can be used to summon monsters using the Hero Chest. These types of coins are gained by competing in and helping friends finish Urgent Missions. Urgent Missions are quests that you can partake in by using your Courage gauge. If one courage point is used for a quick timed assault, three courage points gets you enough time to try to complete the whole battle. When you do damage to opponents in these missions, they drop purple coins which are Hero Coins. If you run out of time or get KOed, the opponent will escape, but you get to keep the coins you earned thus far. When you compete in the Urgent Mission again, if the time limit hasn’t expired, these coins will be on the stage to jump start your next assault. Your friends can also see the quest and try to help you finish it. There is an additional coin bonus to the person who finishes the urgent mission.combo

While this game can be fun to play for those who are fond of coin pushing games and games with collectible elements; it can be quite easy to put down and not play for awhile as well. There is no real story to keep anyone drawn into the game. Outside of managing your team for elemental advantage and what monster you select as a leader for a Leadership Skill, there isn’t too much strategy behind the game. That isn’t to say this game is bad, but it is more of a definite time killer game. So if you like coin pushers and need a new game to kill time on your phone while waiting for an appointment or something, this is a good game to check out to help pass the time!