Random Gibberish (Strikes again!)

Random Gibberish returned to Detroit for another stop in Detroit on their 10th Anniversary Tour! The band is based out of San Diego and mixes songs inspired by comic books, movies, and television so there is a little something for everyone. Featuring Matt Sernaker on piano and vocals, Erin Hatch on vocals, Jon St John playing the drums, Tom Wayland on guitar, and Kroze; this group was opening for Steam Powered Giraffe on Friday Night.

They featured songs from their newly released albums “Octopuses Stand In Our Way!” and “More Juice” which were available for purchase after shows and during their autograph sessions where you could meet the guys.

From “Well Excuse Me” a song about The Zelda Cartoon, to a song about The Neverending Story in “Bastian and Atreyu”, to damning the Jetsons (and Jane his Wife) in “You Lied To Me”.. their showed played a good range of catchy songs that even us on staff got stuck in our heads.  This group really played up the crowd and got some interactivity from it. They even had their popular Dance Break segment which got the crowd yelling for it!

The group is a lot of fun to see live and is a real class act. If they are ever at a convention or venue that you are at.. give them a shot! It’s a lot of fun and who knows, you might get a song or two stuck in your head!