You’ll have a ball with Armillo, so let’s get rolling!

I’m a sucker for mascots. The first game I ever actually owned was Sonic 2, and since then I’ve loved seeing what companies can do with their mascot. Armillo was obviously interesting to me as soon as I saw it, with the cute armadillo in a bad situation, he has to go to save his home planet and the galaxy!

3-1.3   Armillo‘s gameplay reminds me of a classic marble-in-an-orb game that you would play as a kid. You control Armillo the Armadillo through various round landscapes (and later, 2D levels!) that oftentimes feel like you’re in a maze. Oftentimes there are boost arrows on the ground that force you to go a certain direction, so if you aren’t careful you could completely miss extra orbs and secrets! With a boost blast skill and a jump, Armillo is quickly thrown into  a story of invasion, mystery, and more.

The terrible Darkbots are the one causing all of these troubles, and they’ve even polluted the atmosphere on some of the planets. You’ll have to quickly rush these areas with a timer to move on, adding a bit of urgency to the adventure. Collecting the orbs should be one of your bigger concerns though, as you can unlock power ups through the shop after completing the first level.

   Armillo‘s art style feels like a classic-yet-modern package. With a cute mascot and cute companions, the enemy’s metallic  5-1.2exteriors have a harsh contrast in a way that works very well. The voice acting works, but is nothing special, while the music is very catchy and nice. There are a ton of tracks, and the 2D levels that you encounter have classic chiptune sounds, which help to make them a bit less frustrating. (Some of them are downright hard!).

   Armillo has a lot of charm, which saves it from the technical issues that are currently plaguing it. The framerate suffers in many instances and the game can feel like it’s struggling to keep up with your actions at times. The enemies are interesting enough, although I would’ve liked more options than just smashing into them repeatedly. The game isn’t going to blow you away, but for FuzzyWuzzyGame’ first title, and one of the more original 3D Wii U eShop titles, Armillo delivers, especially for the price.

  • Fun, fast gameplay is a nice take on a simple concept.
  • Cute character designs make you care about the story.
  • Fun 2D challenges provide a different style of gameplay.
  • Nice music and sound effects add to the overall experience.
  • Current release features framerate issues.
  • Voice acting could be better.
Graphics Pixl Score 5 5
Story Pixl Score 3 3
Sound Pixl Score 4 4
Controls Pixl Score 5 5
Fun Factor Pixl Score 4 4