Look alive, Gunman Clive 2 is a must have.

Gunman Clive was one of the very first titles I reviewed for Pixlbot and here we are with Gunman Clive 2 almost a year and a half later! The simple premise is the same as the first title. In a Wild West style world, you set off to stop the ultimate evil in a side-scrolling platformer much like Mega Man.

screenshot6If you’ve played Gunman Clive the first thing you’ll notice about the sequel is that the world is much more colorful. With the limited range of the color palette, the game pulls off the look perfectly. This along with the overall improved soundtrack has created one of the nicest presentations on the eShop.

The gameplay is similar to the first. You can choose to play as either Clive or Ms. Johnson; you’ll complete levels with your standard run, jump, crouch, and upgradable gun. If you’re up for a challenge you can also play as ‘Chieftan Bob,’ trading your handy gun for a spear. Although, I don’t recommend this as your first playthrough though, as Chieftan’s spear is a melee-only weapon and can be hard to master! There’s also the return of a fourth playable character from the first title, but I’ll keep that secret as it truly changes the way that you play the game. The game has a definite learning curve, as you’ll often find yourself stuck at certain parts, but completing these truly gives you a feeling of success and excitement.

screenshot2Within the 25 different stages, you’ll travel across the world, encountering new scrolling levels, gravity tricks and even 3rd Person flying areas. The controls and depth of the flying areas are a bit rough and could be compared to something like a slower Star Fox. You’re not riding just in the sky though, there’s also a section straight out of Donkey Kong Country in which you ride on the back of a friendly panda.

My one complaint about the game is the same as the first: It’s over too quickly. With four different characters and different difficulties, there’s  definite replay value. Gunman Clive 2 follows up everything that the first did without feeling too similar. It’s priced at $2.99 in the US, making it yet another mute have eShop title. I can’t wait to revisit Clive on the New 3DS  with the new 3D effect pops and to see Clive again soon.

  • Great gameplay, fun level design, unique ideas.
  • Colorful graphics and a great soundtrack.
  • Multiple characters provide a great replay value.
  • Amazing final boss fight.
  • Main story is still too short, leaves you wanting more!
Graphics Pixl Score 5 5
Story Pixl Score 4 4
Sound Pixl Score 5 5
Controls Pixl Score 5 5
Fun Factor Pixl Score 5 5