The rebirth continues with the newest Hyperdimension Neptunia!

Welcome to the world of Gameindustri, where 4 nations fight for shares to become the most powerful. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 2: Sisters Generation is a remake of Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2 for the PSVita and might I say it almost feels as though it should have been on a portable system the whole time. With a few added quirks like EXE attacks and using the touch screen to open the map mid-dungeon this has to be a good game right?

Hyperdimension-Neptunia-ReBirth-2-Sisters-Generation-2015-01-11-2Starting the game you get a long intro into what Gamindustri is and immediately followed by a cutscene in which all of the CPUs (This world’s national leaders) fight and lose to an immensely powerful enemy and get captured. 3 years later IF and Compa come to rescue them but only manage to awaken Neptune’s younger sister Nepgear. After fighting an impossible boss they run away in hopes to become stronger and rescue the CPUs. After getting over her trauma from the battle 3 years ago Nepgear along with her companions IF and Compa begin a journey to gather the CPU Canidates (Younger sisters of the CPU’s) and bring balance back to the world by gathering shares for each respected region and bringing down the dreaded Arfoire.

The battle system is really seems quite unique. Each character takes their turn in order based on their agility stat. When the turn begins each player can move freely within a circle to get closer or further away from the enemy should they choose to attack or heal or defend. Should one choose to attack they have a square (or sometimes rectangle or other shapes) in which their attacks will hit and they can choose to either attack which can lead into combo’s of break attacks which break enemy’s guards, power attacks which deal high damage or rush attacks which are like a combo of the two and hit rapidly. They can also choose to use SP attacks which are much stronger but dwindle the SP guage or EXE attacks which take out of the EXE guage. There are quite a few playable characters in the game and using the Lily Rank System certainly makes things more interesting. The Lily Rank System lets you improve your relationships between the characters and with higher relationship levels come higher buffs when characters are paired together.

Another key item in this game is the Remake System which allows you to use limited in game memory Hyperdimension-Neptunia-ReBirth-2-Sisters-Generation-2015-01-11-6(which expands using certain items) to create new items/weapons, add new dungeons and even change what items you can find in a dungeon. All you need to do is get the “plan” for said thing you want to make or change. Plans can normally be found by completing missions, talking to NPCs and some are even found just sitting around in plain sight in the dungeon. The game is really mission-based meaning you’ll be doing a lot of go kill this monster or gather these items or any other type of mission you can think of. But I don’t feel that takes away from the overall feel for the game.

Overall, I feel that Hyperdimension Neptunia re;birth 2: Sister Generation, is a great port and a great game for those that enjoy a turn based mission game that has a bit of skin or awkward situations. It can be a bit difficult at times but it’s definitely not as hard as some other games by NIS America. If you have a Vita and haven’t already I would strongly suggest picking this game up.

  • Ease of battle system.
  • Lots of characters.
  • Great music.
  • Some characters don't get much screen time.
  • Sometime repetitive.
Graphics Pixl Score 4 4
Story Pixl Score 4 4
Sound Pixl Score 4 4
Controls Pixl Score 3 3
Fun Factor Pixl Score 4 4