Be careful, or you’ll get cut.

Paperbound is a multiplayer couch combat game. Players have the choice to do up to four player local multiplayer or add in AI bots to fill in any gaps.What is cool about the AI in this game, is that the computer adjusts the way it plays pending on the characters it selects. The character specialties really are focused on when used by the computer.


In Paperbound, there are two different primary choices of combat. There is free-for-all or teams available to play. Under free-for-all, you have the choices of Classic Versus, Survival, or Long Live the King.

BookofFire5In Classic Versus, the object of the game is to be the player in the lead and to reach a certain amount of kills. Once you are in the lead and have met or eclipsed the set kill number, a tear that is the same color as your character will appear and your character must make it to the tear without getting killed. If your character is killed, the tear disappears and will reappear after your next kill if you are still in the lead.

Survival is having a set number of stock to compete in the game. Once a character is out of stock, they are removed from the game. Your objective in this mode is to be the last character standing.

Long Live the King you score points by staying alive as the king. To become the king, you score a kill and try to not die. As time eclipses, you earn a point if you are still king. The desired score to win can again be set by the player. Once that score is reached by the character, a tear will appear and you must make it to the tear without dying.

All three of these modes are available as well under team playl, however you also have the mode of Capture the Quill. It is basically a team version of capture the flag, with each team’s flag being a paper quill. Once someone on your team has the enemy quill, you must get it back to your quill base. In order to score a point, your team’s quill must be at your base as well.

None of this is as easy as it sounds though, as Paperbound has an interesting gravity theme. By hitting a button to switch the gravity, you’ll fly across the screen to the opposite of where you’re standing. This makes getting away from your friends or swooping in for a kill incredibly easy. The feeling of coming out of nowhere for a kill is incredibly satisfying.

For character selection you have 17 characters available, which include some awesome cameos! For each SelectScreencharacter there are four  different color schemes except for the cameo characters.  This game features playable cameos such as: Captain Viridian of VVVVVV fame, Goblin King from Tumblestone, Jonviev the Protector from Cards and Castles, Juan from Guacamelee!, and Locksmith and The Gentleman from Monaco.

When it comes to stage selection, you have four books (and a fifth book you unlock through gameplay) with 14 stages (with a grand total of 18 once you unlock the last book!) to play in. The stages can alternate in difficulty such as a basic stage with a few platforms (such as The Mushroom Sea) to a stage with tons of hazards (such as Ribcrusher). Did we mention that these stage hazards can come into play when you are trying to win, when  you are surrounded by lava and have to fall into an awkwardly placed tear?

Most of our Ohio Pixlbot team has had a chance to play this title (You can watch the video of us being obnoxious here!) and love it! We really think the game is an awesome one to bring out if you have company and want a fun multiplayer!.Our personal favorite is doing Long Live the King mode, with unlimited scissor weapons, and using the Ribcrusher stage because we hate ourselves.

  • Fun couch multiplayer
  • Interesting Cameos
  • Cool stage designs
  • Varied ways to play the game
  • No AI adjustable difficulty
  • Different weapons or items would be nice
  • No online multiplayer
Graphics Pixl Score 3 3
Story Pixl Score N/A N/A
Sound Pixl Score 3 3
Controls Pixl Score 5 5
Fun Factor Pixl Score 5 5