Press X to take a Trip with Virginia

The first thing you notice about Virginia is the art style. Using a cell shaded look, the game (more like a playable experience) has an overall nice feel, with heavy shading and a great soundtrack. What will take a bit longer to realize is that…there’s no audio narrative. Instead allowing you to form your own thoughts about the narrative that is unfolding around you.

The developers state in a letter to the player:
“The game would not have been possible without great luck, the fortune of circumstance, or the support and sacrifice, not least financial of loved ones. It’s been a strange and confounding experience making Virginia. We hope it’s resulted in a strange and confounding game.

meadowWhile Virginia’s story is about two female FBI agents on a missing-person search for a lost boy. When the case goes awry, you’re left in a quick and confusing blur of events. Suddenly the game’s music is reaching a climax, and you’re not exactly sure where you stand. The feel of the game quickly moves from a very calm, mysterious state to an almost angry and fearful feeling. Leaving both the characters and the player confused and almost lost in what’s going on. Without giving everything in the game away, it’s hard to explain more of the story, even if that story is hidden.

The biggest issue I have with Virginia is while the story plays out at an odd pace, the jarring frame jumps between scenes is a weird effect and feels unnatural for an otherwise calming and interesting story. While later in the game, the transitions are more thought-out, for the first two-thirds you’re constantly switching around.

The twists and turns through Virginia will certainly have you questioning what happened. The developers obviously want you to sit down and think about what has happened and retrace your steps. I encourage you to try out Virginia, if nothing else for an interesting new game experience.

  • It's one hell of a trip.
  • Very pretty.
  • What did we experience? I have no idea, but it was very pretty.
Graphics Pixl Score 4 4
Story Pixl Score 2 2
Sound Pixl Score 4 4
Controls Pixl Score 4 4
Fun Factor Pixl Score 3 3