The future is now with Project Diva: Future Tone!

Main ImageHatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone
Intial Release Date: January 10, 2017
Platforms: PlayStation 4
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You might remember that last year we had the chance to review Project Diva X. It feels like that was just yesterday, and we’ve already been blessed with another Project Diva title, this time in Project Diva: Future Tone.

Project Diva: Future Tone (Future Tone from here on out) is the latest Project Diva game, following the more traditional arcade experience. Where Project Diva X had a full story and a way to unlock the songs, Future Tone throws you in with an interesting way to purchase the songs however. Separated into “Future Sound” and “Colorful Tone”, each pack ($29.99 individually or $53.99 if you buy them together) contains a HUGE amount of songs. One of my (and seemingly everyone’s) issue with Diva X was that there just weren’t enough songs. Future Tone almost has the opposite problem. There’s an absolutely crazy amount of songs in Future Tone. Pretty much any Vocaloid song that I could name (minus one) was included in the track list.

Without the story aspects to unlock content, Future Tone goes back to the classic form to unlock the alternative costumes and accessories for Miku and the other Vocaloid singers. By clearing songs you get points to unlock full costumes (including some based off of classic SEGA titles) and accessories that you can mix and match with other outfits, creating your own Vocaloid monst- I mean creations.

Future Tone features insanely polished visuals, feeling almost uncanny valley-esque at times. The in-game music video viewer is for sure welcome, and I spent at least an hour just watching the various videos. These videos are incredibly high quality, and it’s crazy to think just how far Vocaloid has come in the time since its creation. With visuals as polished as Future Tone provides, and the audio to go with it, it isn’t hard to see why Vocaloid became as popular as it did worldwide.
Where Diva X felt a bit easy until the higher difficulties, even at Normal, Future Tone feels insanely hard. I expect that this is due to the fact that it’s practically a straight up arcade port, with crazy note-strings and special multi-note hold sections, as well as including slides (which I actually really enjoy.). The game is insanely hard, but it’s rewarding when you clear a song that you’ve been working on for a while.


Most games have a tendency to have a Quality vs quantity issue when they try to pack too much into a game. When you have as much content as Future Tone does, it’s easy to phone it in and just keep pushing content in without checking the quality. Luckily, Future Tone doesn’t suffer this problem, actually feeling more and more complete the more you play it.

  • Massive song list.
  • Great unlockables including SEGA classics.
  • Colorful and insanely high quality art & graphics.
  • Difficulty can be too much if you're not ready.
Graphics Pixl Score 5 5
Story Pixl Score N/A N/A
Sound Pixl Score 5 5
Controls Pixl Score 4 4
Fun Factor Pixl Score 4 4