Save the day, Attack the Light!

What do you get when you combine one of the most popular animated shows with a beloved game’s format? Grab your smartphone, it’s time to Attack the Light!

Steven Universe: Attack the Light is a mobile game developed by Grumpyface Studios for Android, iOS, and Kindle. When the game was first announced at MAGfest, we were immediately drawn to the obviously Paper Mario inspired RPG, combining elements from the genre into the show’s atmosphere has paid off well.

IMG_2073The first big thing to note is that Attack the Light is NOT a pay-to-win game, and is instead a one time charge of $2.99 in the US. One of my first fears when I had originally heard that the title would be a mobile game was that I’d be twisted into paying a huge amount for an addicting game. Luckily, the guys over at Grumpyface Studio manage to avoid that with a single payment experience.

When you first start-up the game, you’re introduced to the art style, similar to the show’s art, but a bit more simplified. The opening cutscene shows the beginning of the story (written by Rebecca Sugar herself!) where the Crystal Gems find a powerful Prism weapon, that in the hands of a strong gem could control an army of creatures. Luckily, Steven isn’t that strong yet, so it should be fine, right? Of course not! As soon as Steven touches it, the prism activates and baddies take all the colors of the prism around the world. A pretty straight forward way to introduce levels and bosses, the enemy designs are interesting and match the show’s aesthetic.

Like previously mentioned, the combat is heavily inspired by the Paper Mario series, requiring rhythm tapping attacks. Each character has unique attacks, and leveling them up gives them stronger abilities. IMG_2075Items can be used once per turn by Steven, the team’s “healer”, who otherwise can’t use combat abilities. Garnet is a bit of a ‘glass cannon’, able to deal massive damage, but weak to hits. If you collect the right badges, special boost powers, you can give her a bit more defense to make her a bit beefier. Move around rooms by swiping the directions, similar to a rogue-like, and collect hidden loot! Upon finishing a fight, each gem that you used will get a bit of experience, gaining new abilities upon leveling up. These abilities all fit right in with the characters and provide new ways to beat the baddies! At certain points in the game, you’ll be provided with questions by one of the gems. Depending how you answer, you’re able to earn a bit of bonus experience for certain gems. If you know how each gem will react, you can use this to power up your lower-leveled gems.

Overall, the game’s presentation and controls combined with the humor and lovable characters of Steven Universe create a unique and fun adventure. The combat works well and the writing feelsĀ natural and in place for the universe. My only complaint is that I’d love to see the game with actual buttons, as sometimes the timing can feel off, though I doubt that this is an issue with the actual game.


  • Well written story.
  • Great art style and music.
  • Fun gameplay, great combat.
  • Physical buttons could help to make timing easier.
Graphics Pixl Score 5 5
Story Pixl Score 4 4
Sound Pixl Score 4 4
Controls Pixl Score 4 4
Fun Factor Pixl Score 5 5