Super Bomberman R makes for an explosive comeback!

Main ImageSuper Bomberman R
Intial Release Date: March 3, 2017
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
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Bomberman has been one of my personal favorite franchises since I fell in love with it when I first played Bomberman ‘92 as a kid. I was really elated to see that this franchise’s newest installment was part of the Switch release day library.

Super Bomberman R holds close the staple Bomberman formula we’ve come to know and love. You navigate your Bomberman (or Bomberwoman) through a maze in four directions. You use your bombs to remove blocks that are obstacles, and can even get rewarded for this with powerups! The powerups can allow you to toss more bombs in succession, increase damage/speed, and change the bombs into other forms. There are also power-downs as well that you can uncover which can hinder you, such as decreasing damage and limiting how many bombs you can place.

The main goal of Bomberman is to blow up your enemies while getting through the maze, to have the finish area for the stage appear and make it there safely! There are lots of enemies and you also have to be careful of friendly fire! You can place bombs and trap yourself or not get out of range in time causing you to eliminate yourself!

My main favorite part of Bomberman has been the multiplayer modes. You can have four people play locally using the portable screen or eight players if using a TV. You also have the option of online multiplayer where you can play with up to eight players! For multiplayer, each player only needs one Joycon each to control their character which really fits the Bomberman gameplay mechanics! Online play has had issues of slowing down making the gameplay feel sluggish; however, when running fine, it is such a blast to play!


A downside to the multiplayer is the lack of available stages unlocked at start. You have eight stages available (as well as your choices of Bomberman character) till you earn credits while playing. Once you have earned credits, you can unlock more characters, arenas, and customizable choices for your characters. The other thing I found while playing was the lack of depth for customizing your multiplayer experience. In previous releases, you could tweak your matches by choosing which power-ups to allow or turn off. Super Bomberman R doesn’t allow this, but it doesn’t take away the fun of the game.

Super Bomberman also sports a story mode. For the story mode you join the goofy story of the Bomberman Bros. to stop the plans of Evil Emperor Buggler and his dark bombers. You may play solo, or have a second player join in via drop in co-op, to adventure through more than 50 levels of bombing fun! To complete a stage can vary based on the mission throughout the five different planets. These missions can range from: destroying a set amount of enemies, finding keys or switches, saving civilians, or trying to outlast an onslaught of enemies over a period of time. These stages can also be multi-tiered levels which affect how your bombs can work! Bombs can’t go over gaps or drops, but can travel across the ramps.

Boss battles are a real highlight of the game. These bosses can be very big and difficult. You encounter boss battles every ninth and tenth stage. The bosses are very colorful, but with the camera and some boss designs can make gameplay a little more difficult. I found myself having issues with viewpoints due to the placement of a boss’s leg and encountered my fair share of getting trapped and instant deaths.

The camera can cause some issues with viewpoints and depth tracking. The camera does try to  to frame the action by zooming in or out automatically, which can get frustrating at points (when tracked enemies sometimes go out of frame, trying to avoid enemies or bomb blast, and differences in elevations or gaps in the stage).

The story mode is short, as it can be completed in about two hours. It sports cutscenes of the Bomberman Bros., but have the option to skip over if you wish. The fun bosses and nostalgic feel of the gameplay make up a little for the lacking amount of story. But again, Bomberman always shines in the Battle Mode/Multiplayer which is what I always look for in this series.

Overall, the gameplay and franchise is a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. I just wish there were a little more stages in multiplayer or a bit more story to justify the higher price tag for the game. It is really fun to play and is always one of my go to party games for multiplayer. If it’s in your price range and you really are interested, I do recommend picking it up.

  • Multiplayer is lots of fun.
  • Classic Bomberman gameplay.
  • Lackluster customization options
  • Lack of depth for the cost
  • Camera framing can make things difficult
Graphics Pixl Score 4 4
Story Pixl Score 2 2
Sound Pixl Score 3 3
Controls Pixl Score 4 4
Fun Factor Pixl Score 4 4