Getting shifty with Tilelicious

Puzzle games have always held a special little place in my heart. I think it has something to do with the fast paced, easy to pick up and play nature inherent to the genre. BattleLine Games’ Tilelicious on the Wii U Nintendo eShop is no different, and for as basic a game as it is, I found myself playing for more than a few hours.

 The premise is simple: combine two like-tiles by pushing them in one of four directions on a five by five grid. A quick push on your joystick or d-pad in any given direction, and all of your tiles will slide within the grid in that direction if they have space. After you’ve made your move, a new tile is added to any available space on the board. Your goal is to combine your tiles as much as possible to fill a progress meter. If the board fills with tiles and you run out of space, game over.

Tilelicious Gummy LevelAnyone who has played the wildly addictive mobile game 2048 will be instantly familiar with Tilelicious. The key difference here is the absence of boring numbered squares. Each of the 11 levels has its own colorful tile theme, which adds a little variety for your eyes. That being said, the tile graphics are a sneaky little method of upping the difficulty. It can take a few rounds before you’re able to determine what the various combos yield, and even then, some of the graphics are so similar that they are easily confused.

The different tile themes were greatly appreciated, but it would have been nice to have some different music for each level too. The same track plays in the background of every level, and it gets repetitive really quickly. Luckily there are options on the pause menu to turn off the music and sound effects, so if you’re not feeling the jams, the mute button is just a click away.

Tilelicious certainly feels like a game you would find on mobile phones, and at a $5.99 price point, it doesn’t come with too many features to try to dissuade you of that notion. I would have really enjoyed seeing some sort of score attack mode (or a score counter in general), but the level-to-level play mode is all you get.

To wrap up, Tilelicious is an addictive little distraction. The varied themes attempt to spice up the successful gameplay formula established by 2048, but ultimately the lack of anything unique makes it difficult to justify paying full price for this one. A few power-ups or some different play modes would have made it much easier to justify the asking price, but alas, none are to be found here.

  • Addictive Puzzle Gameplay
  • 11 levels of increasing difficulty
  • Price of admission might be a little high for what it is
  • Repetitive BGM/Sound Effects
  • Different play modes would have made the price easier to justify
Graphics Pixl Score 3 3
Story Pixl Score N/A N/A
Sound Pixl Score 2 2
Controls Pixl Score 4 4
Fun Factor Pixl Score 3 3