Time to go to war, and that’s an order!

When you think of a tactical shooter game with an amazing story, deep characters, and addicting gameplay, basically everyone will think of one game series: Valkyria Chronicles. If you had a PS3, chances are pretty good you’ve played at least one game in this series.If you haven’t, you have the perfect opportunity now.

13183002_904376013022742_2092450511_nLong story short, Valkyria Chronicles is a game taking place in the fictional country of Galla, a peaceful land thrown into war between two warring superpowers on both sides of its borders. You take control of Squad 7, led by Welkin the tank commander, and Alicia, the scout, as you fight with a diverse cast of characters against overwhelming imperial armies. The gameplay is a map-based tactical game where you get a set amount of Command Points (CP), and you can move your characters around and fire at your enemy. Or maybe you’ll choose to heal up an injured soldier if they’re hurt, or issue a status-buffing command with Welkin to turn the tides of battle. Each battle has many solutions, though if you can beat missions in less turns, you’ll get more EXP and money. The game has a very steep learning curve, and can be pretty difficult at times, but with careful observation of the enemy’s strategy and careful planning, no battle is too challenging.

As great as the gameplay may be, the story is the strongest part of the game, and a great indicator of this would be just how many cutscenes the game has, which is quite a few. It is no small wonder that they created a 26 episode anime based off of the game (Which, I recommend watching after you play the game, not before, as you’ll get more out of it that way). Not to say that there are too many cutscenes, not even close, there are just enough to get the story across, as they don’t have too many during actual gameplay missions. Most of those cutscenes normally revolve around the enemy gaining reinforcements of some kind. The story is told at a enjoyable pace, without it dragging on or jumping around very much. The characters are all developed very well, but if you find yourself wanting more, there are the extra (originally DLC, but now included for free) chapters, optional of course, that provide more insight into the main cast. Some of them even have fun little battles as well!

13182965_904375999689410_876602310_nNow, as this is a remaster of a game, it goes without saying that the graphics and sound of the game are superb. Even on the PS3, the graphics were excellent, but now they’ve reached the level of art. Whether we’re talking in a scene or during an epic battle with tank shells and machine gun fire being launched back and forth across a battlefield, it’ll make you take a moment and appreciate the beauty of it. 60 FPS really does wonders. And let’s not forget the music and voice acting of the game, which sounds even better, and it was good for it’s time, too!

Overall, the game is very fun, looks and sounds beautiful, and the fact that it comes with all the DLC is just icing on the very delicious cake. The war cake. The icing is the blood of the imperial scum trying to invade your homeland. Now get out there and enjoy this classic RPG that everyone should play, soldier! Especially with a low retail price of $29.99, it’s more than worth it!



  • Beautiful Graphics.
  • Audio is on point.
  • Gameplay and story are just as good as the first time.
  • DLC is all included!
  • Still kinda hard for newbies.
  • No multiplayer, but that's not so bad.
Graphics Pixl Score 5 5
Story Pixl Score 5 5
Sound Pixl Score 4 4
Controls Pixl Score 3 3
Fun Factor Pixl Score 4 4