The battlefield shifts as Valkyria Revolution changes things up.

Main ImageValkyria Revolution
Intial Release Date: January 19, 2017
Sega, Deep Silver 
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One
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It’s no small secret I love tactical video games, almost to the point of obsession. Whether it’s Real Time Strategy games, Tactical RPGs, or simply a game of chess; I love them all. But one of my favorites was a Tactical Shooter named Valkyria Chronicles. With amazing graphics, addicting gameplay, loveable characters, it was one of my favorite games I’ve had the immense pleasure of playing. So imagine the surprised-yet-delighted look upon my face when I learned another Valkyria game was coming to the Playstation 4. This one, however, isn’t quite like the last.

Valkryia Revolution isn’t a sequel to that game I loved so much; it’s safer to say it’s a spinoff. There are many core differences, the most egregious being the gameplay change. The game bolsters fast-paced action that pits your team of 4 troops against a large number of enemy troops and vehicles (though honestly, it’d be more fitting to call mechs. They’re friggin’ cool, though!) Instead of taking turns between yourself and the enemy, you have completely free movement, and use awesome combos and skills to defeat your opponents (though you are limited to how often you can use both of these: Your attack combos have to wait for an Action Gauge to refill, and you have limited points to spend using techniques, called Ragnite Points, for each battle). If you have ideas of just charging in blindly, like a beat-em-up, you should probably abandon them after the prologue ends, as the game can be pretty difficult without thinking things through (remember that it’s still a tactical game, just more action-y)

As fun as the gameplay is, the story is where the game shines the brightest. As you may have read in my Valkyria Chronicles review, I’m sure you remember me going on about how the story and characters were the strongest points of the game. Well, surprise surprise, it’s still the case! Though to compare, I like the story better on this one, but the characters of Chronicles just a bit better. Without saying too much, this one still follows a huge war between two factions, with the enemies being the more powerful one and the player playing as the underdogs (Even down to the opponents being a large Empire who have a powerful Valkyrie on their side). What it does differently, however, is there’s a secret plot of revenge at play, and it’s a major part of the plot. On top of that, to add to the drama: you, the player, are hearing the story after the fact, so you know how it ends already. Long story short, it’ll capture your attention, and good luck getting it back.

The one worry I will admit having is the visuals, as I loved the unique style the first one had, almost like the landscapes were artwork. Well, worry not dear reader, as they are still beautiful and pleasant to stare at as your cutting down the Imperial Soldiers in your way. Yes, they even retain the look of artwork when playing on the Playstation Vita! As for sound quality, the music is quite well done and fits the scenes nicely, and the English voice acting isn’t the best I’ve ever heard, but it’s by no means bad.

Overall, Valkyria Revolutions pulls off both its duty as a Valkyria game as well as showing its independence as a spinoff. Though it is not the tactical shooter I dropped so many hours of my life into, it is still a very fun game that fills my hunger for strategy games like a T-Bone fills my stomach. If you enjoyed any game in the series, go ahead and pick up Revolution on either the PS4, Xbox One, or Playstation Vita. And keep your eyes peeled for the free DLC coming soon!

  • A great standalone spinoff of a great series!
  • Manages to successfully combine action and tactical action!
  • Amazing story and visuals!
  • Sometimes feels like there’s too many cutscenes in a row.
  • Action can feel a bit repetitive until new skills learned.
Graphics Pixl Score 5 5
Story Pixl Score 4 4
Sound Pixl Score 3 3
Controls Pixl Score 3 3
Fun Factor Pixl Score 4 4