Sony pulls the spotlight to Paris to show upcoming lineup

Oh what a beautiful day to love video games. Sony has somehow continued their momentum after TGS. The stage this time was the Paris Game Show, and what nice display it was.

We got updates on many games that needed updates.

  • Uncharted 4 Multiplayer looks rad
  • Horizon Zero Dawn looks rad
  • Everything else looks rad

We also got a few new announcements. Coolest one is Detroit. Remember that demo Quantic Dreams release sole as a “test.” Turns out it blossemed into a full fledged game when the studio realized the fans wanted more.

While I could continue on listing things, how about you continue on and actually read the press releases for the games below.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

After the tease we were givin at E3, we finally have a glimpse at Horizon Zero Dawn. To much of my delight its exactly what I hoped for. All bow, Action RPG. With this new footage we got a small taste at the crafting in the game. Yes you have to craft everything even every single arrow you use. After the luke warm Killzone Shadow Fall at PS4’s release, Guerrilla Games has some work to do.


Uncharted 4: A Thieves End - Multiplayer Reveal

So it finally happened! The Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer was revealed to the world. The trailer shown earlier today at the PlayStation press conference for Paris Games Week gave people a glimpse of all the hard work the Naughty Dog multiplayer team has put into it.

And hey, if you’re joining us at PlayStation Experience this December, you’ll be able to go hands-on!

Over the course of development for Uncharted 4 Multiplayer there have been a number of ideas that sounded great on paper, which were tried and failed. This happened time and time again but through each iteration there was one nugget of “that is cool” that we would cling to and bring with us into the next iteration. We were constantly applying our lessons learned on our previous experiences with Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, and The Last of Us which helped shape an incredibly exciting, fast, and deeply rich multiplayer game.

Expect the teamwork, over-the-top action-adventure, and detail-rich gameplay environments you’ve come to expect from the Uncharted series Multiplayer mode. We have greatly enriched multiplayer with elements you may have caught in the trailer.

One thing we’ve done in particular is introduce a number of systems completely unique to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer.

  • Sidekicks: When you are in a pinch you can call in your friendly Sidekick to help you. These are unique, AI controlled characters that come equipped with unique abilities that can help turn the tide of a battle.
  • Mysticals: These are supernatural abilities from the Uncharted series that give a player unique powers. See if you can recognize what Mystical abilities we are showing off in the trailer.
  • Last, you will be able to leverage the grappling hook in a number of locations in our multiplayer maps. We have also heavily leveraged this exciting mechanic for our melee. Yes, you will be able to land on people and take them out –would you expect less?

If you are at Paris Games Week, please join us at the PlayStation booth on the show floor to get your hands on our first playable demo of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer. This demo will also be at PAX Australia from October 30th to November 1st, and at Lisboa Games Week from November 5th to November 8th.

If you can’t join us at one of these shows, you can gain exclusive access to the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta by buying Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection. The Beta will run from December 4th to December 13th, 2015.

We look forward to seeing you online in the final, full version of Multiplayer when Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is released worldwide on March 18th, 2016.

Open-world Universe Boundless Coming to PS4

Boundless is a super ambitious PS4 and PC cross-platform game where everyone (Yes, everyone!) plays together in a single online universe. Boundless is a big, open-ended game, and the best way to explain why it’s cool is to tell you what you might do, because it’s your story…


Your Homeworld and Beyond

Your homeworld in Boundless looks and feels unique, procedurally generated to look like no other. You don’t like it? Hey, acid rain can be a serious drag. No worries! Build a Portal and instantly step into another world in the Boundless universe. Ah, a beautiful pistachio-colored, livestock-rich nirvana — much better for a farmer like you.

The universe is huge and disparate. When you open a Portal to a new world you never know what you’ll get — sometimes you’ll thrive, sometimes you’ll have to fight to survive.


Team Up, or Live Alone

When you find that world you really like (you know, the one with that amazing waterfall), why not make if your official home and claim some land using a Beacon? Any land you claim will become yours, and yours alone to change.

That is, of course, unless you want some neighbors, in which case invite your friends and form a guild. Share land, resources, build amazing things, and go on some adventures together. Compete with other guilds and become the most loved, or feared, group in the universe.


The Apex Challenge

Search each new world to discover the location of its ancient Titan. Once activated, these huge sentient fortresses menacingly stalk the landscape searching for anything they perceive as a threat. These apex predators are filled with traps and swarming with deadly Protectors.

Attempted alone, your only hope is to explore, survive, and escape with a handful of valuable resources. If you’re feeling brave, call together all the citizens of your adopted world and attempt the impossible — defeat the Titan.

A Bruising Physical Sandbox

Boundless is a physical sandbox, where you can grapple up to inaccessible mountain ledges and slide down ice paths into the deepest caves. Harvest Titan’s mechanical guts and repurpose them to make your own floating airships and ingenious contraptions. Fullfill your lifelong dream of becoming a space pirate! It’s the ultimate sandbox, create whatever you can dream of and share it with the world.


Become Boundless and Write Your Own Story

In Boundless, your character is unique and your role is free to be defined. You can succeed by doing the things you love, and use coin to shortcut the things you don’t. Here’s just a few examples of how you can make your mark in Boundless:

  • Hunt for creatures in dangerous areas and sell the rare loot and materials you find to non-combative citizens.
  • Offer your services as a master-builder to other citizens and do honest work for coin.
  • Collect the weirdest creatures from across the universe and open a space zoo(!), then charge citizens coin to visit.
  • Create amazing sandbox contraptions like people cannons and hyper-efficient crafting machines, and then sell copies of the blueprints to other players so they can create them too.
  • Collect the most valuable and rarest resources from across the universe and open a shop that citizens will flock to.
  • Open a Portal hub, connecting your world to distant worlds across the universe and allow citizens to travel, for a fee of course!
  • Become a Boundless real estate agent, by searching for and claiming the coolest plots of land and then selling them to other players for coin.
  • Craft the coolest wearables, the tint them to perfection and open a boutique fashion store.

Those are just a few examples of what you’ll be able to do when the game launches on PS4. Our ambition is to build the ultimate open-world sandbox filled with real players, toys and mechanics. The most exciting things are yet to be discovered…

James Austin & Ben Furneaux
Director & Designer, Wonderstruck

MatterFall on PS4 is the Latest from Arcade Experts at Housemarque

After the premiere at the Paris Games Week Press Conference, I’m pleased to announce MatterFall for PS4, the next game from our favorite arcade action masters, Housemarque.

MatterFall follows an unexpected hero fighting for survival on a ravished sci-fi world infected by a mysterious and deadly alien material known only as “Smart Matter.”MatterFall

Using agility and powerful weaponry you must explore this new world and utilize your own control over the Smart Matter to uncover the mystery of this new threat and save the day before it threatens the very existence of the human race.

Expect over-the-top action through a vivid sci-fi world and all the addictive, lightning-fast arcade gameplay that you would expect from our friends at Housemarque, the veteran team behind PlayStation classics Resogun, Dead Nation, and Super Stardust.

Both myself and the team at Housemarque look forward to sharing more news on MatterFall in the future.

Vector Announced for PS4, Developed in Collaboration with Avicii

Vector is a multiplayer music game, offering a seamless fusion between gameplay, graphics, and music. The idea is a responsive experience, where you and your friends’ performance not only affect the race and final rankings, but will also bring dynamic changes to the music and environment, which will make each race feel like your own little remixed version of that particular track.


One really fun thing is Tim’s (Avicii) genuine interest in the development of the game. Just like us at Hello There, he grew up with PlayStation. Apart from creating exclusive remixes for the game, he’s been spending hours playtesting it, offering feedback, and contributing valuable ideas for multiplayer. It’s really important to him that we capture the feeling of having fun together with your friends — just like during his huge concerts.


And so far, we really feel like we’re getting there! Whenever the core team tests the game and the music hits the speakers, the rest of the studio joins in (mostly subconsciously), by stomping their feet, whistling the melodies or just singing, more or less off-key… kind of like your average home party.

To all of you preferring single-player mode, don’t worry. There will be a bunch of songs and levels to play through and leaderboards to rule.

Finally, we’re exploring ways to channel the EDM scene’s spirit of collaboration and remixing into the game — and turn it into cool features and game mechanics. There are several ideas on the table at the moment…

But for now, we’re hoping you’ll find this announcement as exciting as we do.

Battleborn Open Beta Coming First on Console to PS4 in 2016

Hey guys, Chris Thomas, Producer at 2K here. Gearbox and 2K are working hard to get Battleborn in your hands on February 9th. And today, during the PlayStation press conference at Paris Games Week, we dropped some awesome news: we showed off Battleborn’s competitive multiplayer modes and you — PS4 players — get your hands on the game even earlier than you might think!


Look, I realize that this may be the first time that you’re hearing about Battleborn, so let me break down for you what the game is all about: it’s a first-person shooter packed with 25 playable badass heroes fighting to save the last star in the universe from total annihilation.

Is it a co-op game?
Is it a competitive multiplayer game?
Is there a story?
Can you play that story solo or cooperatively?
Is there couch co-op?
Is there loot?
Is there character progression?
Am I tired of writing questions?



You’ll play through Battleborn’s story mode and competitive multiplayer modes as everything from a laser-sword wielding space vampire samurai and a man-mountain with a mini-gun, to a psychotic gentlemen robot and a… walking, talking mushroom… that throws daggers? And, believe it or not, those are some of the more subtle characters in Battleborn.

But what’s the point of having 25 completely unique heroes if you don’t square off against buddies for some insane 5v5 firefights? Today, we unveiled Battleborn’s three competitive multiplayer modes — Capture, Meltdown, and Incursion.


  • Capture: It’s classic capture-and-control showdown between two teams of heroes. But more badass. Because we said so.
  • Meltdown: Each team has to march waves of their minions to their death into the chompers at the ends of lanes on the map. Sounds like fun, right? Think of it like a homicidal robotic sport. You score points for every minion who throws themselves into the incinerator and the team with the most scrap metal, wins.
  • Incursion: Playing Incursion, teams of heroes must defend their base from waves of AI-controlled minions. Meanwhile, you’re working together alongside your own minions to lead them to your opponent’s base. Then destroy it.

The Open Beta is Coming First on Console to PS4!

The Open Beta is coming soon, in early 2016. And you guys — the PlayStation Nation — get first crack at playing it! We’re working with our friends at Sony to get you exclusive, early access to the Open Beta, and we’ll have more news for you on that front very soon.


Closed Technical Test This Weekend

Can’t wait until 2016? You might not have to! We’re currently getting ready for a Closed Technical Test and the fun starts this Thursday, October 29th at 10AM Pacific. If you haven’t already registered, we’re still accepting new applicants — and we need your help to test our servers. Click here to RSVP!

The Closed Technical Test gives players a chance to try out competitive multiplayer mode, Meltdown, a new story mission called, “The Algorithm,” and 15 of the 25 playable heroes. It’s also the first time players will get to experience the game’s loot and gear system, by picking up loot packs in the story mission, or unlocking them using in-game credits they’ve earned during matches.

And believe it or not, there’s actually a lot more we have to show you — including the newly-announced playable hero, ISIC. (He’s a 500-year-old murder machine) and more details about the Story Mode — but, hey, to learn about that and more, head on over to the official Battleborn blog now.

Quantic Dream’s Latest Game Detroit Revealed, Exclusive to PS4

Hi everyone. Some of you might remember a PS3 tech demo called Kara that we released in 2012. It was about an android who discovered she could feel emotions and appeared to be sentient. Many people were deeply moved by this character and felt empathy for this character who just wanted to live. But everyone had the same question: what happens to Kara when she leaves the factory?


I kept asking myself the same question since we released this short. I knew I had to find out!

So we imagined our world in a near future where androids like Kara would look, speak, and move like real human beings. We wondered how we — humans — would react if we were confronted with a new form of intelligence, how androids conceived as machines would be perceived if they started to have emotions.


We didn’t want to do another story on AI (there are already so many great ones), we wanted to talk about what it means to be human and what it would be like to be in the shoes of an android discovering our world and their own emotions…

I am really excited to announce that Quantic Dream’s new title is called Detroit.

Tekken 7 Announced for PS4

Get ready to get back in the ring for Tekken 7…

Tekken 7

The fighting franchise with more than two decades of technical level fighting and a deeply dedicated community is back with Tekken 7! It will be running on Unreal Engine 4 for the first time with highly detailed characters and dynamic environments. The home console version of Tekken 7 benefits from numerous modes along with an intensive canon storyline and many other enhancements to be revealed.

Tekken is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the latest chapter in the historic series. Continue the fight amongst the Mishima clan and its newest member: Kazumi Mishima. What secrets will be revealed within the Mishima clan? The epic conclusion will unfold in Tekken 7!

Tekken 7

Under the leadership of Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken 7 continues to be developed by the Tekken Team at Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Stay tuned in the coming months for character reveals, new gameplay mechanics, and videos showing off all of the new and exciting features in Tekken 7.

Street Fighter V Launching February 16th, 2015, Dhalsim Revealed

Hey everyone, there was quite a bit of info just announced at Paris Games Week. First, Street Fighter V has a confirmed release date of February 16th, 2016 in North America! So mark your calendars as we count down the days towards launch.

Also, we have just announced that we’re releasing six additional characters post-launch in 2016. As mentioned previously, all post-launch gameplay related content will be earnable with Fight Money, and we have revealed the first details on how players will be able to earn Fight Money when the game comes out. And last but not least, we have confirmed that Dhalsim will be joining the initial roster as the first true zoning character in the game.

Post-Launch Character Details

In case you haven’t heard, Street Fighter V is moving away from doing large bundles of post launch content, such as our prior Super or Ultra upgrades, and instead will be continuously releasing new post-launch content on a regular basis. No longer will you need to wait one or two years for new Street Fighter goodness; it will always be right around the corner.

We have confirmed that we will be releasing 6 new characters post-launch in 2016, which will bring the total roster up to 22 characters by the beginning of 2017. On average, we will release one new character every two months, provided everything stays on track with our development schedule. More specifics will be shared when our post-launch plans are confirmed.

Street Fighter V

Now, the next question you probably have is… how hard is it to get these characters for free?

Fight Money Details

The purpose of the Fight Money system is to reward players who stay engaged with Street Fighter V over time. While we are still finalizing details on pricing and Fight Money accumulation rates, which will be refined throughout our future beta tests, we are excited to share some details on how we are approaching the new system.

There will be two primary methods for players to gain Fight Money: completing daily goals, and leveling up individual characters.

Street Fighter V, Image 07

Daily Goals

Each day a player logs into the Street Fighter V client, they will be assigned a new daily goal. Daily goals should be easily achievable in in one play session, and will award Fight Money based on their difficulty.

Some example goals are as follows:

  • Land X number of Hadokens
  • Land X number of anti-air attacks
  • Land X number crush-counter hits

Daily goals will help players improve with a variety of characters. It will also ensure that players with a limited amount of time to play per day can still earn characters for free. We want a system that rewards frequency of play, rather than requiring long marathon grinding sessions.

Street Fighter V, Image 05

Leveling Individual Characters

Another goal that we have for the Fight Money system is to ensure that players can still earn Fight Money through both single-player and multiplayer modes. We accomplish this by allowing players to earn Fight Money by leveling up individual characters in a variety of modes.

To remove any confusion up front, leveling up a character in Street Fighter V will not affect game balance. It only shows how much time and effort an individual has placed into learning a character.

Each time a player levels up a character, they will receive a Fight Money bonus. Earlier levels will be easy to obtain, and will scale to become more difficult the higher the level.

Street Fighter V will reward players who experiment with a wide variety of characters, and those who play frequently. If you complete your daily goals and level up your characters on a regular basis, you’ll be on your way to earning new characters with ease!

For those who just can’t wait to earn each piece of new content, content can also be purchased instantly using our premium currency, named Zenny, which can be bought with real money.

Street Fighter V, Image 04

Here Comes a New Challenger: Dhalsim!

The return of Dhalsim in Street Fighter V marks the addition of the first true zoning character to join the initial roster. Using his long-range limbs and slow projectiles to frustrate overly offensive opponents, Dhalsim’s style has historically been keep-away since his inception in Street Fighter II.

Although he’s a pacifist, Dhalsim steps into battle when it comes to saving others. From raising money for the poor to destroying dams that are forcefully keeping water from his village, Dhalsim takes up arms if the good outweighs the harm he can cause.

In Street Fighter V, Dhalsim once again joins the fray to help those in need. Not one to slack on his Yoga training, Dhalsim has mastered a few new Yoga skills for this upcoming battle, those being his V-Skill — Yoga Float and his V-Trigger — Yoga Burner.

V-Skill: Yoga Float

Upon activation Dhalsim hops into the air and floats for a few seconds. During this time, all airborne attacks and specials are accessible. This can also be activated in the air.

Street Fighter V, Image 03

V-Trigger: Yoga Burner

Dhalsim shoots out a stream of flames that stays on the screen on the floor for an extended period of time. If the opponent stands in the flames, they will slowly lose life in the form of recoverable damage. Once they step out of the flames, their life will begin to recover.

Will Dhalsim’s style be strictly keep-away or will he be more aggressive this time? Fans at Paris Games Week will be experience him for the first time on the show floor, so people will find out soon enough!

Until next time guys!

Gran Turismo Sport Coming to PS4 in 2016

Racing fans, brace yourselves — this evening at the Paris Games Week PlayStation Press Conference, Kazunori Yamauchi, along with SCEE CEO & President Jim Ryan, unveiled on stage the latest Gran Turismo iteration: Gran Turismo Sport, coming to PS4 in 2016.


On stage, the Polyphony team talked about the advances that PS4 offers to allow them to continue to improve the graphics, physics, and sound to deliver the most realistic driving simulator to date. But with GT Sport they’re looking to deliver more than that; to deliver a revolution in the way that people experience driving games, a figurative “rebirth” of motorsports.

FIA Gran Turismo Championships

In Gran Turismo Sport, there will be two FIA online championships running simultaneously. In the Nations Cup, players will be able represent their home country. Whilst in the Manufacturers Cup, players will be driving on behalf of their favorite car manufacturer.

Players will not only be able to race as drivers themselves, they’ll also be able to root for their home country or their favorite manufacturers teams.

The winner of the championship will be awarded in the same manner as real life motorsports champions, at the FIA prize giving ceremony. This will be a historic moment, the first time a video game will officially be recognized as part of the real motoring world.


FIA Partnership

Working alongside the historic FIA, to develop a game that continues to be more realistic and authentic, the online racing championships promise to offer something new for players.

But it’s not just about online racing; the GT teams have continued to build on the games legacy of accessibility to ensure that the game is open to all to enjoy.

With the beta expected to begin in Spring 2016, it won’t be long before players can experience all GT has to offer on the power of PS4.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Coming to PlayStation VR

Hi there, my name is Simon Harris and I’m an Executive Producer over at Supermassive Games. Today, we’re delighted to unveil Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, developed exclusively for PlayStation VR on PS4.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a descent into madness, taking you on a terrifying rollercoaster ride of thrills and scares in a fast-paced, arcade-style shooter.

We’re incredibly excited to be developing for PlayStation VR as this allows us to bring games to PS4 with a level of immersion and involvement never before experienced by players.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood

When we first started working on Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, we were still in the middle of development on Until Dawn, but it was clear to us that the world and characters we were creating would be perfect to expand into new experiences. As we established compelling gameplay for VR, we were able to combine that with a journey through many familiar aspects of Blackwood Pines, but from a horrifying new perspective!

Until Dawn Rush of Blood

Playing Until Dawn: Rush of Blood in VR is incredibly different to playing games of a similar genre in the traditional method of sitting in front of a TV screen, so we’re looking forward to seeing how players react!

Prepare for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, the (Last?) ride of your life!

Robinson: The Journey Announced for PlayStation VR from Crytek

Hey everyone, Elijah from Crytek, here. I’m lucky enough to be working as Executive Producer on Robinson: The Journey, and wanted to share a little more info on the project with you.

In Robinson, you assume the role of a young boy who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet, and must become a pioneer of sorts as you explore your surroundings, interact with the world around you, and discover amazing secrets at every turn. I can’t go into too many specifics right now, but that’s the (very) high level overview!

Robinson The Journey

As a studio, we’re really excited to be creating Robinson for PlayStation VR, and believe it’s the perfect platform for what we’re striving to achieve with the game. But what exactly are we striving to achieve? Good question.

Probably the best place to start is with a couple of VR demos we’ve shown at industry events this year. Back to Dinosaur Island 1 and 2 offered different types of VR experiences, but both acted as inspiration for Robinson. The first of those demos placed players in a more static role as a giant dinosaur stared them down at close quarters, and the follow-up featured greater interactivity as users scaled a cliff and took in their expansive surroundings.

Probably the most inspirational aspect of these demos for us was the reaction they received! A lot of players and press highlighted them as being among the best VR experiences they’d had, which felt like validation of the track we were on.

Robinson The Journey

That track was — and still is — to create the most realistic, immersive worlds possible using our CRYENGINE technology. Crytek is in a relatively rare position as a developer of both games and a game engine. We’ve found that to be a major asset as we work on Robinson, because our efforts to be at the forefront of gaming tech over the years have led us to develop CRYENGINE features that are proving to be really powerful for creating VR games.

A lot of the reaction we received to the Back to Dinosaur Island demos was about how authentic the environments felt — the foliage, the lighting, the dinos, etc. People really seemed to respond positively to the level of visual fidelity, and we do believe that this can set a VR experience out from the crowd and take the feeling of being present to a whole new level.

So, to return to my own question, what are we striving to achieve with Robinson: The Journey? You could say it’s about recreating that level of authenticity on a much, much grander scale. That means not just making something visually stunning, but also telling a story that is emotionally engaging and which resonates with players beyond the game world.

It’s a bold ambition, we know. But just as PlayStation VR will invite players to enjoy gaming in an entirely new way, I think it should also inspire us as developers to create ambitious experiences worthy of this amazing new technology.

New RIGS Mechanized Combat League Trailer Showcases Dubai Arena

RIGS Mechanized Combat League is at Paris Games Week with a brand-new playable arena. For the uninitiated, RIGS is a competitive, first-person arena shooter currently being developed for PlayStation VR by Guerrilla Games Cambridge. The eponymous “RIGS” are piloted, highly-tuned, athletic machines that compete in the global sport of the future.

Located in the gorgeous city of Dubai, the new stadium is much larger than Rio, the arena previously shown at E3. With more open areas and a symmetrical layout, this is a brand new way to experience Mechanized Combat.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League, Image 06

We caught up with Art Director Tom Jones and Senior Artist Laura Dilloway to talk about the Dubai stadium, its inspirations, design considerations, and impact on player tactics.

Hi Tom and Laura! Please tell us a little bit about the new Dubai Stadium.

Tom: The Dubai arena is a huge, custom-built stadium with soaring stands and wide views of the city. We wanted it to feel at home amongst the scale and lavishness of Dubai, so the whole stadium is designed to be awe-inspiring. It’s deliberately clean and bright, with crisp white flowing structures and calm blue skies. The stadium floor is partly covered with sand, to further strengthen the ties to Dubai and offer a unique natural element to shoot other RIGS in.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League, Image 07

You evolved the Rio skyline to match your vision of the future. Did you do the same for Dubai?

Tom: Absolutely. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is set 50 years in the future, so we thought of various ways to update the already-impressive architecture. Among other things we added a huge space elevator to the skyline, to serve as a key landmark and another testament to human endeavour.

Where is the Dubai stadium located geographically?

Laura: The stadium has its own island just off the coast! One of the most defining features of Dubai — aside from the impressive architecture that Tom mentioned — is the fantastically-shaped manmade islands. It’s a perfect fit for the location of the Dubai stadium: not only does it convey the huge wealth of the city, but it also hints at how popular RIGS is as a sport in 2065.

Aside from the manmade islands, what were some of the other inspirations for the stadium?

Laura: The Dubai we know today already boasts some of the most advanced structures in the world, so we didn’t have to look far for inspiration. Something we really loved were the beautifully landscaped gardens that accompany these structures, like the one at the Burj Khalifa. We then started looking at huge stadiums and sports parks from around the world, including the 2012 Olympic Park in London, to see how we could marry these ideas together.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League, Image 04

Compared to Rio, how does the size of this arena affect the PowerSlam game mode?

Tom: The arena may be bigger, but the structures are still designed to guide the player around the Dubai stadium in a very natural way. All large ramps ultimately lead towards the central goal, which makes routing very obvious. The ramps themselves are integrated into the overall architecture, which allows them to hold large banks of spectators. This creates both a fantastic sense of scale and a consistently immersive sporting experience.

Are there any tactical changes that a player needs to consider when playing in this stadium?

Laura: The biggest tactical change is probably that picking your spawn points carefully is more important in the Dubai stadium. For example, you can spawn very close to the goal, but you’ll be quite exposed — so you have to consider if it’s worth the risk. If you’re happy out in the open, then using melee as a boost to jump between the large structures is also really useful. On the other hand, if you prefer a more stealthy approach, there are a lot tunnels under the stadium that allow you to circle around your opponents and come at them from unexpected directions.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League, Image 02

Were there any lessons from the Rio arena you were able to use to your advantage for Dubai?

Tom: Definitely. We gained a lot of experience during the creation of our Rio arena with regards to how best to create a readable world for VR. We also established a lot of our sporting tropes, which we have carried through into the Dubai arena.

Laura: A good example is highlighting the routes up to the goal in yellow, which is something we did in Rio as well. We’re also largely using the same materials for our playing surfaces, and we’ve created fictional sponsors that advertise globally across all the stadiums — in addition to more location-specific sponsors.

You’ve unveiled Rio and Dubai thus far. Can we expect more global cities as backdrops for RIGS arenas?

Tom: Yes, for sure! We’re very keen to look at other cities and continents to house our stadiums. Ultimately, RIGS Mechanized Combat League should feel like a global sport, so it’s important to us that we cover different cultures and styles of arenas.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League, Image 03

If you’re at Paris Games Week, be sure to try out RIGS Mechanized Combat League on PlayStation VR for yourself! If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who have already played the Rio level then look out for the new play experience offered by the Dubai arena.

Driveclub Bikes Out Today on PlayStation Store

Keeping our superbike obsession a secret has been really hard! Normally we prefer to keep you up to speed with how Driveclub is always evolving around you, but we also like to surprise you every now and again, too. When better to do that than during one of the biggest game shows in the world?

Driveclub Bikes, Image 01

We’ve been pouring our hearts into the ongoing development of Driveclub over the past year and Bikes is a standalone expansion to the Driveclub universe.

We’re massive racing fans at Evolution and we love the challenge and the thrill of superbike racing, but we’ve always wanted to make them more approachable and fun, whilst still retaining the depth of control and authenticity you’d expect from us. With Driveclub Bikes we think we’ve accomplished that, so that everyone can enjoy riding these breath-taking superbikes.

The incredible speed and superb agility of high performance superbikes offers a completely new way to race, and as always with Driveclub, there’s a lot to play for, whether you ride offline or online with your club.

Driveclub Bikes, Image 04

  • 12 of the world’s best superbikes: Featuring bikes from top manufacturers including Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, BMW, and more.
  • Full Bikes Tour campaign: We’ve designed a new game mode and loads of events to help you get to grips with bikes and ultimately challenge you to master every superbike in the game.
  • Unlimited Challenges: Create and compete in new challenges to show off and test your speed, agility, and skills with bikes.
  • Personalized events: Create your own events on any track, in any mode, at any time, and with near limitless weather conditions.
  • Multiplayer racing: Take advantage of the extra space on every track with opportunities to overtake on every corner in heated wheel-to-wheel action.
  • Customization: Personalize your bikes and your rider, including paint jobs, rider leathers, and custom helmets.
  • Clubs: Everything you do in Driveclub Bikes contributes to the success of your Club, unlocking new rewards, accolades, customization and challenges.

Driveclub Bikes, Image 06

There’s a lot to play for and there’s even a second Platinum Trophy to chase down, which means that Driveclub now features more Trophies to unlock than any other PlayStation game in history!

We’ll have more news on the upcoming updates next week but in the meantime come ride with us! You can buy Driveclub Bikes starting today from PlayStation Store as a standalone game for $19.99. If you’re already a Driveclub owner, you can add on Driveclub Bikes at a discount for $14.99.

We can’t wait to see your #PS4share Photo Mode pics of Driveclub Bikes!