It’s a Tetris Blitz!

Tetris Blitz is another version of Tetris EA has introduced to the mobile game market. In this version of Tetris, you have two minutes to try to rack up as many line cascades and points as you can! To aid you in your goal to earn points, there are also power-ups and finishers introduced.

tetris-blitz-3aWhen blocks are dropping there is a silhouette showing where they piece will land and be positioned. You can tap on the piece or tap to either side of it to reposition the drop area of the piece. Once you are happy with the area, you can tap the silhouette and have the piece land.

Once you’ve dropped enough blocks and kept a string of cascades going, you unlock a frenzy mode. During this mode, your objective is to clear lines back-to-back and keep cascading lines with the reward of double points. As you drop pieces, any unused parts will drop down and hopefully keep aiding you in clearing lines.

To help you reach higher scores and help you pass along in your progress of play, you can use power-ups and finishers. Power-ups and finishers can be unlocked for as little as $0.99 and then used for up to three times for a set number of coins which you earn through game play. You earn coins for finishing a game, reaching an accomplishment, or defeating a challenge presented in the game. Players can also buy a batch of coins as well, if they choose to do so. Some of the power-ups available are: lasers, adding time, and bombs can really help keep the game moving. Once you’ve been offered a trial of the power-up or paid the coins for three game uses of it, they will randomly drop in as set pieces that activate when you clear a line that they are in! Finishers are applied after the timeTetris-Blitz has expired. This is a last hurrah to earn some big points and put you over that edge! If you don’t have a finisher selected, the game will periodically offer you a chance to buy one using coins, in hopes of you don’t have enough coins and will complete a micro transaction to purchase it.

Outside of single player mode where you are put to the challenge of defeating a randomly generated computer player’s score in return for rewards, there are also a few other game play modes. You can log in to your Facebook account to post about your game play and challenge your friends to a game. Players can also enter in tournaments and play against random players online to see if they have what it takes to win.

The graphics are pretty good for a mobile game and I’m a sucker for puzzle game and such like this. This game was the most used game on my phone during my adventures in owning a Windows phone, and helped killed countless hours in doctors’ waiting rooms.

tetris-blitz--ipad-screen04_656x369So if you like mobile games and love Tetris, give the app a try! You just need to ignore it’s advertising power-ups, coins, or finishers trying to get you to pay real money to play the game.

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