My Time at Portia was short and sweet, and I can’t wait for more.

My Time At Portia recently released on Steam and Humble Bundle into Early Access on January 23, 2018 for $19.99. It is developed by Pathea Games and published through Team17 Digital Ltd. It is eventually coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2018! 

In this game, you start a new life in the town of Portia.  Once you arrive, you are taken to your father’s neglected workshop. It is really in dire straits and requires a lot of love to return it to its former glory. The gameplay is much like Harvest Moon in a Ghibliesque atmosphere. You seem to immerse yourself in the game to creating beautiful items in the game to gain favor with the townspeople than see how the story or your character development progresses. It has other elements you have likely come to expect: crop growing, cooking, fishing, exploring dungeons, mining, upgrading your workshop/building, interacting with the townspeople. Besides Harvest Moon, it can also draw some comparisons to Stardew Valley.

While the game can come off as overly grindy, the colorful environments and unique gameplay methods give it a little change. While there are no time limits, you have to keep an eye on in-game time. Shops in Portia operate just like in real life, as they do not open until 8am. Also, pay consideration to the fact your character can pass out wherever you are and end up waking back at home at 3am. Therefore, you must plan your adventures a little more carefully. This can be a double-edged sword being that you could pass out in the middle of a quest before done, but could come in handy as doing something more meticulous and using this to get home easier/faster.

Stamina can come off as weird. While it does not make you pass out or unable to move or jump, it does prevent you from doing actions (kicking, picking something up). Stamina is recoverable by eating certain foods or sleeping in your bed. So stamina is more like having an action count that you have to keep in mind and replenish as needed.

One of the things you do to get resources is mining. Mining does cost Gol (the currency of Portia) to enter. So you will want to make sure you have lots of inventory space and time when you go mining to make your trips as fruitful as possible (especially since Gol can be a bit hard to come by at first). Once you mine resources (such as tin, copper, etc.), you can craft items as desired.

Workshop jobs are some of the crafting projects you will encounter to prove yourself as a builder. These tasks can range from a starter job from making yourself a standard pickaxe to use to building parts of a bridge. Unfortunately, the complexity of these tasks can jump higher each time and be a little frustrating and time consuming. Luck would have it though, there are many smaller jobs you can find while you are waiting for time to pass for another task. If you take on jobs that seem a bit overbearing, do not feel like you have to get it done instantly. Smaller tasks that you can encounter can be something as simple as fixing a fence or constructing a fishing pole.

While trying to mine and collect inventory are important to helping you craft your workshop projects and aid doing commissions to help out townsfolk, you find that you start with limited inventory space to hold items. To make more space so you do not run out of room to pick up that additional fruit or mine for that additional copper, all you have to do is click the locked space in your inventory. To unlock that space, you just have to spend that amount of gol. No need to search for an additional accessory or leveling up needed to increase that space. So expand as soon as you see fit to need it!

To stay in touch with what is happening with Portia outside of what your tasks are, you can check your mailbox outside of the workshop. You will usually get stuff in there from villagers or find out if an in-game event is happening if you do not stay up to date with the developer notes. They have had events where goodies were dropped for the town folks, so keep an eye for these events. The developer recently announced they plan to do events for each season such as Winter Solstice.

One of the most unique thing that this game offers to differentiate it from similar games is the ability to fight other villagers. You of course have to initiate the fight, but you can do this to earn some extra gol and also get back at those villagers who irked you at some point. Be wary though, as some of these villagers do have some gusto and can take you out! At one of the mines you run into, you have to have a fighting contest to gain entry.. and you find out the best way to win is to survive (by running and surviving!). What makes me chuckle is that after the fight is over, you can walk away like all is good.


My Time At Portia so far has been a solid and fun play for me. The developer is extremely active! They are using the early access stage to improve upon the game and see what more players want to see in their Portia adventures. The future of Portia is bright and can see the fleshing out the world with more locations, storylines, items, buildings, mini-games, seasonal events, and the ability to “keep, raise, and ride animals.” The crafting is easy to understand and gives you tons of things to do and make. The open world environment with the ability to instigate fights with townspeople make for fun immersive gameplay for ours!

I recommend checking this game out, as it has lots of potential and fun times ahead! Especially with the incoming console versions, it’ll be fun to see how this fleshes out!