Understanding Pixlbot’s New Review System!

Hey there! As you no doubt can tell, we just underwent a HUGE change! Along with the new look, the site itself got some new tweaks as well, our biggest being our brand new review system. Gone are the days of numbered review scores, say ‘Hello’ to our ‘Review Scale’!

Review Scores


*Note: Art Not Final!

Rated One through Five, five categories (Graphics, Story, Sound, Controls, and Fun Factor) will be scored to help you determine what the game is like. Not all games have a focus on each of those aspects, which would be determined by the “N/A” score. It isn’t fair to score a game negatively when it shouldn’t be, right? You wouldn’t expect a puzzle game to have a grand story (Well, maybe now you would?). This review system is heavily inspired by the gaming magazines of the team’s youth, and we hope that with it, you’ll learn more about the game. Some games can be well made, but just not fun, while others can be terrible, but still a blast! Each game is unique, and we felt a solid review score wasn’t fair to the variety of games that we cover. ¬†We’ve gone back and updated each of our reviews to feature the new review scale, so feel free to go back and check those out!

You’ll also notice that the sidebar with the game’s info is gone! That info is now readily available directly below the title of the review. Simply hover over the game’s name and view release info about the title!



Each and every game that we cover may not be in the database, so we apologize in advance if the info is not available.

Overall, these are but a few of the small changes that the new Pixlbot has brought, and we can’t wait to share more with you. Did we miss a feature that you want? Have something to say about the current theme? Let us know in the comments!