From the creator of Block Legend, Wan Nyan Slash!

Wan Nyan Slash is the second game released on Android and iOS by Dot Warrior Games! Their previous work was an awesome puzzle game called Block Legend (which I had the pleasure of reviewing here.

Wan Nyan Slash is an infinite adorable demon slaying slashing action game. In this game, you play as the wandering cat samurais Wan and Nyan as they journey to save ancient Japan!

53f6b1b4b67c88ef10000055This game is pretty straight forward. The game pushes you forward as you encounter different enemies such as Tengu, a Ninja Bear, eggplants, etc. As you encounter these enemies, you have to tap and drag both Wan and Nyan in order to do attacks. When you tap and drag, it displays the arrows so you can see their trajectory points.

The object is to not let these enemies past you. If you do, your screen flashes and damage is done to you. Once you lose all your flames (your life points), it is game over.

As you continue on your course of Japan, the area can change to different regions and even go into night and day!

Most enemies require one slash to defeat while others require a couple hits. However when the stage speeds up, the us-ipad-3-wan-nyan-slashonslaught of enemies can increase and the game is really fair about warning you of these changes!

While going through the game, you can encounter black boxes. Once you slash these, it opens up and either gives you extra life or special moves that can assist you in your quest! To use special moves, you select the box below your character which will either give Wan or Nyan the ability to do these special moves instead of the standard straight line. This can be EXTREMELY helpful if you are getting overwhelmed by enemies or the oncoming onslaught is a bit much!

As you kill enemies, your combo bar is activated. It is important to keep that going to build your combos! With every enemy defeated, it is replenished but if you get hit or don’t act quick enough.. it can run out and you have to start over to build your combo count!

For your reward for progress in length of game play, enemies defeated, combo count, or picking up items.. you can unlock special costumes which have their own abilities! Such costumes are: Medical (doing a combo over 7 restores one health), Unity Chan (Slash Time is halved), and Legendary Hero (which gives two extra health). The game will wan-nyan-slash-28-6-s-307x512display shadows of the costume and will tell you what you must accomplish to unlock it.

If you feel adventurous, there are three different difficulty modes to play through. These are Easy, Normal, and Hard. So if you find yourself doing well in one mode.. give it a shot in the harder difficulty to give yourself more challenge!

The game essential puts you against yourself. It keeps track of your scores on your profile (which you can reset and start anew). If you play through long enough to eclipse your high score, the game will give you an in-game notification of this accomplishment!

It also has a menu option to see a collection of the enemies you’ve encountered and a short description such as Zako – “Global warming is a real thing people. Making dead fish bones come to life and all.”.


The in-game music is also a really nice touch. I found myself more focused on the game due to enjoying the music.

This is another nice effort by Dot Warrior Games! While I didn’t enjoy it as much as Block Legend, it was indeed a fun game.

You can download this game from Google Play or Itunes for the low price of $0.99! So give it a download and support this great game developer!

You can check out our interview with Alvin Phu from Dot Warrior games here.