We are Heroes. We are Overwatch.

There’s obviously something special about Overwatch. I’m not talking about the amazing gameplay, colorful graphics, or the great community. No, there’s something that it does. I feel like it inspires us. It sounds a bit corny, but let me explain.


Some of you guys may know outside of Pixlbot I work retail. Today we had a little girl that couldn’t be older than eleven or twelve come in to buy the game with her father. We started talking about it while I got everything together for them and I asked her which heroes she played as. She got excited as she explained that she plays as D.va and Bastion. D.va because she wants to get good at video games so that she can protect people too, and Bastion “because he’s easy to win as”. Her dad just sort of laughed when he saw my reaction. This got me thinking about what the heroes in Overwatch could mean to everyone. If this young girl was inspired by D.va, and I’ve got a friend that has said that “Reinhardt is the kind of guy I want to be”, then how exactly has Overwatch gotten into our brains?

I’m going to focus a bit more on Millenials, the random twenty-somethings, etc. Personally, I believe that its how we saw the world. Blizzard has created, in their own words, an optimistic future world. One

"Tracer" by natnatart.

where things can be bad, but the world itself is still good (for the most part). This is something that people my age especially were promised when we were young. “You can be anything you want!” being crammed down our mind, mixed with a sudden huge jump in technology uniting the world. But of course, things didn’t exactly turn out for the best. So wouldn’t it be nice to have heroes? While soldiers, firefighters, EMTs and the like are certainly heroes, it’s still too…real. There’s too much sacrifice in these lines. This goes along with the sudden increase in super hero movies and comic book uprising as well. With so many distopyian and apocalyptic futures, the chance to fight for a happy present and future feels more rewarding.

When we first saw Overwatch, Tracer and Winston inspired us. I think that Tracer’s final words, “The world could always use more heroes” really planted a thought in everyone’s minds. The world COULD use more heroes. Sadly not everybody has the ability to fight, or special abilities to make themselves stronger. So Overwatch provides the perfect place to get our hero on. The in-game Overwatch has heroes from all backgrounds, all stretches of life (or death..) and all sorts of interesting stories. If nothing else, Overwatch inspires me to do my best to continue to help everybody that I can. Hopefully you’re inspired too.