We need your input on a very important question!

From Day 1 of Pixlbot, we’ve driven to stay ad-free. We know how much people hate ads and generally end up blocking them. So that’d be why this question comes with a somewhat heavy heart.

Pixlbot needs funding. We’ve been personally funding the site since the beginning, but the costs are slowly starting to catch up with us. We all work smaller jobs, and the site doesn’t make enough that we can pour all of our attention into it. (You’ll notice how sometimes there will be a little bit of a lull in content.) We originally considered a Patreon, but quickly dismissed this. We can’t think of perks that’d make it worth it for you guys! So we’re considering option 2: A sponsored ad.

Basically, we’d accept a sponsor for each ad. The sponsors would be hand picked by us, and would remain in the single spot on the header until their time ran out. This way, you’d only see an ad from sponsors that we actively believe in. This helps us worry less about keeping the site running and more on focusing on unveiling new content & original content. If you could, PLEASE fill out the form right below this so that we can know if this is something you guys are against. We’ve avoided doing this for as long as we could, but if we’re going to, I’d rather do it in a way that is still putting you guys as close to first as we can. Thanks!

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