Youmacon Championships & Extra Life

Youmacon here in detroit is doing some awesome stuff this weekend, raising money for needy kids!
Check out the below info and check it out, there’s some great stuff, and for a great cause!
“There are a lot of kids who aren’t able to play games with their friends because they are patients in hospitals. Youmacon proudly supports the efforts of Extra Life, a charity which is raising money for children’s miracle network hospitals. Our current goal is to raise $1,500 for Beaumont Children’s Hospital. We believe video games can help bring a brighter future to Beaumont’s patients, and you can help prove that by donating to our campaign.

While each of us can be heroes in the games we play, by contributing to extra life, we can be heroes in real life. Join the thousands of gamers who do. Please help Youmacon support the children of Beaumont! Thank you!”

Check out the action right here, and open you wallet wide!